Polovanec Wines

    Pinot noir is the most common continental variety that differs from the powerful Adriatic varieties by the less pronounced tannins and is therefore softer and "smoother" to drink. Because of the composition of soil in the Prigorje region, Pinot Noir is one of the red grapes that succeed the best in northwest Croatia.
     Pinot Gris is the most awarded Polovanec family’s wine. Last year at the wine exhibition in Zelina, it was proclaimed to be the best Pinot Gris of northwestern Croatia for the third time in a row. It thrives on the Krc and Krcevina sites, which are located in the Polovanec cellar’s vicinity. 
     One of the most widely spread varieties in Croatia, especially beloved by the fans of the most famous Croatian cocktail – gemist (spritzer). It is enriched by notes of apple, and the grasevina from Prigorje differs with the dominance of a green apple notes. In the Polovanec family’s cellar, grasevina is, along with the kraljevina, the most common varietiy of wine.
     Polovanec family’s traminer five times has taken the championship of the Zagreb vineyards exhibition. Despite the fact that this is a variety that rarely occurs in the northwest of the country, especially in Prigorje region, Traminer Polovanec found the ideal conditions on the Prigorje’s hills. From many famous Slavonian Traminers, it varies with a rounded flavor due to fewer hours of sunshine and rainfall.
     As the traditional characteristics of the variety, it boasts developed floral and fruity aromas and the sugar residue, however Chardonnay grown in Prigorje-Plesivica region differs in its distinctive acids that doesn’t make it solely favorite wine of the gentler sex. Barique Chardonnay is one of the main panaches of the Polovanec wine cellar.
     Cuvée Polovanec wine is dominated by the authentic wine variety of Prigorje – kraljevina, with more than 80%.The remaining 15% constitutes of a blend of white varieties.
     Merlot is one of the most common varieties in the Polovanec wine cellar. It is a very widespread variety that characterizes Prigorje’s good yield and for this wine region, it characterizes unusual developed characteristics of assortment. Merlot Polovanec with its color and bouquet mostly reminds of those grown in the southern Croatian regions.
     Syrah originally comes all the way from Iran and it is one of the varieties that was among the latest to experience stronger expansion in the Croatian area. In the Prigorje region, Syrah is represented only by two or three manufacturers, which makes it an interesting wine and grape variety that has a large potencijal. Polovanec family’s Syrah is characterized by a developed dark red color and tannins. An exclusive borique line is available, as well.
     Portugizac is another indigenous variety of the northwestern Croatian and Croatian counterpart to French bejaoullais. It is a variety that matures first and traditionally, the first bottles are opened in October and the supplies are usually exhausted before Christmas. Portugizac is exclusively consumed as a young wine and served with the most famous fruit of the autumn - chestnuts.
     Cabernet sauvignon is the consumer's favorite red variety that’s also called a “wine-medicine” in the Polovanec family, because of its characteristics that positively affect the human circulatory system. Regarding that this variety is relatively poorly represented in Prigorje region, cabernet sauvignon barique Polovanec is also the most exclusive wine of the wine cellar Polovanec.
     It is a predominantly continental red variety that, with fewer hours of sunshine, achieves a significant level of sugar and expressed bloody red color. Dornfelder otherwise originates from Germany, and the Polovanec family is the first in Prigorje that raised plantations of this variety. Also, it is one of the wine varieties that are consumed young and immediately after Portugizac, therefore it is not sort which is recommended for keeping and is usually consumed within the first year of age.
     Cuvee Krc is most common and one of the most popular wines of Polovanec family that was named after the largest site of Krc. It is a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon varieties, Merlot and Syrah. Mix of varieties, particularly of the red ones, is very nonspecific for Prigorje region, but also for the whole Wine route of the City of Zagreb.