Restaurant and Wine Cellar

The thought of rural tourism directs the imagination towards the traditional local cuisine, which is nowadays more and more forgotten. This fact served Polovanec resort’s chefs as a challenge to create more specific rural tourism, which in its cuisine refreshes the recipes of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and at the same time to take advantage of the magic ingredients with which Prigorje region abounds. In an interesting offer you can find original tastes of Prigorje region that will bring you back to your childhood. Special prides of our kitchen are four types of bread, which are handmade with homemade flour.
One of the delights remembered by our ancestors is certainly the meat from the tub.
It is a delicacy from the time before the freezer.
Traditional continental, as well as Prigorje’s delicacy that comes from the time when there were no fridges and freezers. In the summer it was very hard to preserve the meat and because of the high temperatures, marinating and smoking was not an option. Therefore, the meat was cooked in deep fat and when chilled, it was watered with dissolved, not too hot fat in large tubs. By cooling, the fat comes to solid state and serves as an excellent preservative. The meat is served as a cold platter accompanied by salads.
One of the specific dishes that you can taste only in the Polovanec Resort is the Prigorje’s Neighbor.
One of the delicacies designed by one of the chefs in the resort is a pork loin stuffed with different kinds of homemade cheese, apples, bacon and few other secret ingredients. All together is wrapped in a bacon and grilled on a barbecue.